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Welcome to Personal Training Cheshire, a free guide on all zumba classes and personal training classes in Stockport, Cheshire. The intention here is for us to give you some insight into the world of personal training and zumba in and around the Cheshire area, now including Cheadle Hulme. With more and more personal training and zumba classes appearing across the region we aim to put across some of the best and greatest quality zumba and personal training classes your way. We regular update this site with information regarding personal training and zumba classes but please get in touch if you need details closer to your own area.

Personal Training

Having a personal trainer has no longer become just a fad for the rich and famous. Personal trainers have now gone in to the public domain and offer classes for large groups as well as individuals.

Various classes are available that cover a wide cross-section of fitness regimes leading to health, fitness and a more active lifestyle. Becoming more active leads to greater things all round depending on your present circumstances. Getting more active can be great for insomniacs, people with eating problems and great all round way to socialise and meet new people.


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Zumba classes have become more than just a passing fad as Zumba offers a great and fun way to get healthy and fit. Invented in the early 90ís, in Columbia by an aerobics instructor named Perez who stamped his own style down using Latino beats. Zumba quickly spread around the four corners of the globe within the personal training realms. Classes erupted with the sound of Latin music and hordes of people shimmying, yes shimmying their way to fitness.

A zumba class combines Latino music pumped up quite reasonably and consists of lots of hip thrusting combined with salse footwork and good old booty shaking. So what are you waiting for, get in touch with your local zumba class immediately.

Personal Training: Here at Personal Training Cheshire we are dedicated in helping you find the right personal trainer to suit your needs and requirements. The same applies to the time and effort we place on finding zumba classes close to your area but we do deal mainly with Stockport and Cheshire at presest.